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Wellness Evaluation


The wellness evaluation is for the coaches to get a clearer understanding of your health and body transformation goals, whether that may be losing weight, gaining muscle, toning up, more energy or improving sports performance. We find out what you are currently eating and current habits, then measure you on our body composition scales, which measures body fat percentages in Muscle Mass, Weight, Hydration, Metabolic age and a few other components. We then give you advice and some key tips to help get you start with your goals.


Classes (Starting Soon)


 We offer other classes as well as the fit camps, so that people can choose and enjoy the variety of classes and times that suit them. There is a range of classes from HIIT workouts and Insanity workouts to Yoga and Pilates. Classes from £5 which includes a FREE post recovery shake.

Personal Training


We also include 1-1 and group personal training in our private gym at TotalNutrition. Please contact for more detail and bookings.

Online Coaching

Online coaching available, whether that is a nutrition plan, exercise routines or that extra support and motivation.

Online Fit Camps


We run fit camp classes in order to help the community and encourage people to get active and healthier without the excuses of I don’t have time or it is too expensive. Our fit camps are very fun and sociable, they are suitable for all levels of fitness ability, ages, sexes and backgrounds.

Nutrition Plans


Personalised nutrition plans for your goals and what your body needs. We also give loads of different healthy snack ideas to have throughout the day and healthy meals to cook. Whether you have only 10-15 minutes to cook a good healthy meal or you want to spend 45 minutes+ cooking a lovely meal for you and the family. We can also help with shopping lists and help you save money! YES, SAVE YOU MONEY!

Income Opportunities

Our team is rapidly growing in the UK and worldwide. We are looking for people who are positive, friendly and motivated, with a keen interest/experience in the health and fitness industry.


Part Time and Full Time opportunities available. Contact us for more information.



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90 Day Challenge
*Dropped 15% body fat
*Energy through the roof

*Abs for the first time in his life!

90 Day Challenge
* Dropped over 10% body fat
*Energy through the roof

*Used to find it hard to eat with shift work patterns.

90 Day Challenge
*Dropped 15% body fat
*Energy through the roof

*Abs for the first time in his life!

Weight Loss Challenge

* From a size 16 to a size 8/10

* Lost 2 and a half Stone!

* Energy up and no more napping

1 Year Progress

* Gained over stone in weight
* Dropped 6% Body Fat
*Train less than before!

90 Day Challenge
*Dropped 15% body fat
*Energy through the roof

*Abs for the first time in his life!

90 Day Challenge
* Dropped over 5% body fat

* Lost 15lbs

* Enjoys working out now - And Smashes it!

90 Day Challenge
*Dropped over 16% body fat
*Gained muscle

*Energy through the roof

Level 10 - Body Transformation
*Dropped 10% body fat
*Gained Muscle

*Energy Increased

*Got Ripped!

Level 10 - Body Transformation

*Dropped 2 Dress Sizes

*On a nutrition plan whilst travelling around the world

*Energy boosted!

90 Day Challenge
*Dropped 15% body fat
*Energy through the roof

*Gained self-confidence!

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